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This site is primarily intended for students enrolled in the spring 2011 edition of CS49000-HCI, Human-Computer Interaction: Issues and Implementation. Feel free to browse.

Note: Documentation and code for the class project, the Harris Corporation Video Wall in the Lawson Commons, has been moved to Google Code: http://code.google.com/p/video-wall/.

Class Readings and Discussions

The Weekly Cycle

  1. Tuesday class:
    • (discussion of papers from previous week )
    • identify two papers to read and two student leaders for next week
  2. Monday at noon:
    • discussion points from all students due on personal wiki pages
    • leaders begin preparing combined summary from student pages
  3. Tuesday class:
    • student leaders take charge of class discussion
    • (identify two papers to read and two (new) student leader for next week)
  4. Thursday lab: student leaders finalize notes at wiki site before start of lab

Class Readings

See this list for some ideas on papers to choose for class presentation and discussion. To volunteer for a presentation slot, add it to the table below.

Note: To access ACM papers from off campus, go to the Purdue library page (http://www.lib.purdue.edu) and access the ACM Digital Library. You'll need to log in using your career account and password. You should be able to find the article using the DOI number. (We need to streamline this process!)

Presentation Date Paper Discussion Leader
01/18 Wikipedia: Human-computer interaction Discussion Tim KorbTim Korb
01/18 SIGCHI Website Discussion Tim KorbTim Korb
01/25 Skinput: Appropriating the Body as an Input Surface Discussion tweartwear
01/25 The Use of Eye Movements in Human-Computer Interaction Techniques: What You Look At is What You Get Discussion Jon MooreJon Moore
02/01 Body-Centric Interaction Techniques for Very Large Wall Displays Discussion Rick_FRick_F
02/01 Pillows as Adaptive Interfaces in Ambient Environments Discussion Nick HendrickxNick Hendrickx
02/08 Touch Projector: Mobile Interaction through Video Discussion Maaz HumayunMaaz Humayun
02/08 Lessons from Early Stages Design of Mobile Applications Discussion Jaye773Jaye773
02/15 Touchscreens vs. traditional controllers in handheld gaming Discussion Sohail MehraSohail Mehra
02/15 Space to think: large high-resolution displays for sensemaking Discussion Tyler HolzerTyler Holzer
02/22 Usable Gestures for Mobile Interfaces: Evaluating Social Acceptability Discussion tweartwear
03/01 Content Strategy: Methodology and Process Discussion Jon MooreJon Moore
03/07 Double-side multi-touch input for mobile devices Discussion Rick_FRick_F
03/22 Personalizing Graphical User Interfaces on Flexible Widget Layout Discussion Nick HendrickxNick Hendrickx
03/24 Demonstrating the viability of automatically generated user interfaces Discussion Maaz HumayunMaaz Humayun
04/12 Trends in Augmented Reality Tracking, Interaction and Display Discussion Jaye773Jaye773
04/19 Mixed-Initiative Dialog Management for Speech-based Interaction with Graphical User Interfaces Discussion Sohail MehraSohail Mehra
04/26 Design principles for visual communication Discussion Tyler HolzerTyler Holzer