Implementation Notes


AV Rack and Speaker System

Vidiem EMS Configuration Notes

The NetVX has two Ethernet interfaces, one for management and one for video streams. The management interface is actually a redundant pair of Ethernet interfaces in Slots 1 and 2. The video stream interface is in Slot 8 (GBE). Configure these using the front panel controls.

  • Management: (gateway This configuration is done through the "General" settings, not through the individual slots. Be sure to use the Util front-panel control to update the IP addresses.
  • Video: The switch is set to use (gateway as the unicast address, but for videowall use, it should be configured using a multicast address. Configure these settings using the Vidiem EMS software:
    • The multicast address port 8000 works, although other settings are possible. Needs to be compatible with other multicast use on the network (e.g., the display wall mode of the InfoCast Players).
    • Check: 4.1 ENC-H11 -> Video Tab
    • Check: 8 GBE-C11 -> Virtual Channel. Make sure non-zero rates exist, indicating that the interface is working.


  • Player and other device names and IP addresses
  • The Manager station ( is dual-homed on the 9 and 131 subnet.
  • The 131 subnet is not accessible from outside the department (including from PAL).


The RTP address for the Lawson Commons webcam is:

  • rtsp://

Wall Mounts

Per-Player Audio

How will audio from each of the players be digitized and streamed? Is there an inexpensive line-level analog-to-mpeg stream hardware/software combination (we'd need 16)?

Alternative 1: Is it possible to get a digital audio output stream from each of the players (rather than using the analog output from the players)?

Alternative 2: Should the audio be routed directly from the source?

Current (April 2011) audio connections:

  • There are two cables between the data center and the credenza:
    • Data center marking 965852 to credenza marking 966038
    • Data center marking 965608 to credenza marking 965826
  • One cable has 1/8" stereo mini-plugs on each end with tip-ring-shield connected to black, red, and green respectively (the white conductor is not used).
  • This cable plugs into Player 1 (vw-player-r1c1) in the data center and the switcher at the credenza.
  • The switcher connects to the amplifier, which connects to the right and left speakers in the video wall.

Trigger Numbering Scheme

Trigger Numbers Action/Element type
1-49 Page change
50-149 Video Source
150-199 Banners/Crawls
200-250 Miscellaneous

**Note, each page trigger can only be used to call up one specific page. All other triggers can be used for different elements on different pages. For example, trigger 67 may be used to start VideoA on page 1 and trigger 67 may also be used to start VideoB on page 2, but trigger 5 can only be used to go to one individual page.