Pillows As Adaptive Interfaces

Pillows as Adaptive Interfaces in Ambient Environments

  1. Based on the overall future design ability the user will have the ultimate experience. Easy of use combined also with a system that knows what you want to do. The pillow is a good start to this system.
  2. If every item is to become interactive it may cause a strain on the user to learn how each item in their house can interact with them. This may cause frustration when the pillow doesn't act like a seat cushion.
  3. The underlying control taken by the enviroment may cause slow adoption of a system like this. The data gained by this system can be sold to businesses such as google or yahoo to present advertisements at whenever needed to the user in their home. The data could also be tracked by governments to control exactly what and how people see and interpret information. This system reminds me of books such as fahrenheit 451.
  4. Since the there is an overwhelming amount of data that can be tracked by this system, future uses could include early detection of disease of alerting authorities when there is a health situation.