Skinput: Appropriating the Body as an Input Surface

  1. How would continuous use of this interface cause wear on the skin? Would the skin become harder over time? Would long use of this interface cause bruise on the user? This seems to be the biggest problem with this idea. I also think this problem only exists on skin surface other than the hand.
  2. Also mentioned in the article was the limited us of interface because it can only be used with one hand. Due to this problem and the problem mention above, this interface will be best used in applications that only need to access small amount of information, do to the small canvas area given by one's skin, and over a substantial amount of time.
  3. I see the best use of this application for things such as phone services, clocks and other smaller trivial things. Extensive use of this interface for games, seems limited. Another use of this interface could be for credit card use. Instead of carrying a wallet all information needed could be shown from on the skin of the person purchasing an item.