Lessons From Early Stages Design Of Mobile Applicat

Lessons from Early Stages Design of Mobile Applications


This paper details a three-part process to design a good UI, namely data gathering, prototyping and evaluation.


1) The switchable cards technique in my opinion is a great way to get user feedback early on in the design process. It can save a lot of time and money for the developers.
2) The use of color schemes for different tasks enabled the evaluators to follow the progress of the test subjects without having to be physically present with them.
3) The video capturing kits are a good way to observe users in many different scenarios and contexts, which would have been difficult to recreate in a lab.


1) The switchable cards cannot be used to represent all gesture-based commands effectively. For example, a slide or swipe motion wouldn’t be as easy to represent as the press of a button.
2) The video capture kit required quite a bit of equipment to be lugged around. This might be inconvenient for users, and might alienate some people from taking part in the process if they are uncomfortable with wearing the equipment at all times.