Pillows As Adaptive Interfaces

Synopsis: The article examines the use of a pillow an adaptive interface in ambient environments.

1) I agree with the users choice of using a pillow as an adaptive interface because it integrates very well with our familiar environment. It is not invasive nor does it require us to wear any additional paraphernalia.
2) The placing of sensors within the pillow allows it to monitor the users vital signs. It could have potential life saving applications like alerting the authorities if someone is experiencing a heart attack or some other life threatening condition. It could also be very useful in a hospital; it essentially reduces the variety of pins and needles needed to monitor a patient’s health into a single comfortable pillow.
3) The system can also detect your mood, which could be useful in various predictive media delivery systems like Pandora.
4) Dimming the lights of the room when you are falling asleep will be welcomed by a lot of people.