Touch Projector: Mobile Interaction through Video



The publication discusses using a mobile device to interact with static images through the use of video capture.

The Good

This is a good experimental system for manipulating real-world objects without actually manipulating them.

The Bad

In all honesty, I didn't understand the experiment at all and what possible applications it might have. In my opinion, they did a poor job of describing what exactly they were doing. Portable applications already exist that allow for remote access to computers, but I couldn't understand what they were doing that was so different. Furthermore, many of the experiments that they did perform could have been easily accomplished using any image editing software.

After reading the article through again, it seems to me that their system is a wireless version of some already-existing wired software.


I wasn't too impressed by this paper. It didn't seem to me like they were doing anything revolutionary, and they did a poor job of vocalizing their experiments.