Space to think: large high-resolution displays for sensemaking



This publication discusses how large display real estate affects cognitive ability and performance during mentally demanding tasks.

The Good

The 32-megapixel display array, though a bit overwhelming, was a good testing ground, because it offered the most extreme environment for multitasking. Had there only been two or three displays, I don't think participants would have been able to get the full effect and experience the benefits and shortfalls of large displays.

The Bad

I think it was a little unfair to assume an average monitor size of 17". Perhaps I'm mistaken, but I do believe that 18-20" is becoming more standard in workplaces across the country. Seventeen inches may be a good average for global computing, but seems a little small if we're just considering the USA.


I really liked this article. I'm a big advocate of multiple displays and I have certainly seen how they have improved my productivity.