Touchscreens vs. traditional controllers in handheld gaming



This study contrasts touch-based phones with traditional tactile, button interfaces and analyzes them based on performance in gaming environments.

The Good

Researchers were thorough in their study by considering third-party touch aids like tactile button overlays and vibro-haptic feedback.

The Bad

They didn't talk much about game design and different types of gaming. For example, a racing game is very different than a first-person shooter game, and one may or may not out-perform the other on a given platform. They limited their study by focusing too much on FPS games, offering somewhat of an [obvious] assumption that physical buttons would be the preferred method of control. I don't think their study considered gaming history. Games have long been played using controllers with D-pads, joysticks, and buttons, so the Nintendo DS had an inherent advantage at the gate.


This was a cool article discussing modern, mobile gaming, but it seemed somewhat biased towards traditional gaming. I don't think much consideration was given to the [potential] shift in the gaming and interactive paradigm.