Design Principles For Visual Communication

Design Principles For Visual Communication [1]


This paper talks about making maps "simpler" by taking out a lot of the information on the map so that it only shows the information that is necessary for the user to use.


1) These types of maps and directions do make it easier for users to see where they are going or what they are doing because a lot of the stuff that is not needed is taken out

2) The users were able to complete a task much quicker when the computer generated directions were used over the human made directions


1) Even though it makes the maps easier to understand, if someone strays from the map, they will have no idea where they are because the maps do not hold all of the information.

2) People using these maps would have to stick to the map and continually look at it because they would not be able to like count streets to determine where they are.

3) I felt like they should have had comparisons that were consistent throughout the paper

1. Maneesh Agrawalar, Wilmot Li and Floraine Berthouzoz. Design Principles For Visual Communication.