Interaction With Large Wall Displays


This is about a piece of technology that can be used anywhere. All the person would have to do is be facing a wall within a certain distance and be able to use that wall as an interface.


Storage: The way they design the storage to be was very well designed. That they had the things that had the highest privacy level closest to the torso, and more towards the middle of the body.

Another thing that I thought was really well done was the security, that one person was not allowed to grab information off of someone else unless the person agreed to share it, and doing a certain motion to enact it.

Finally, even though the technology is dependent on a light source, I still think they did a very good job on not needing the light source directly behind the person for it to work properly.


The one thing that I thought was not that good about this particular wall display is that it needs a light source to be able to be used properly since the shadow of the body is very important for it to figure out where certain things are. This would make it a very limited use, since you would have to have a light source directly behind you if you were to want to use it. So making this type of thing a travel item, would not be easily possible since it is dependent on the shadow to work correctly.

The other thing that could potentially be bad is that no one would be able to work closely together without the product thinking that two people are sharing their items, which could be potentially bad since they said they wanted to possibly use this in a classroom environment.