Personalizing Graphical User Interfaces On Flexible

Personalizing Graphical User Interfaces On Flexible Widget Layout [1]


This paper is about how to create programs that will allow users to be able to customize they layout that they want at run time; so that the program's layout can dynamically change.


1) I like how you can assign weights to it and then it would create the layout for the user, so the user does not even need to move any of the widgets or resize them.

2) This is a very good idea because then the program that is developed can be tailored to any user and then the program may attract a larger audience.

3) This was a good article overall on how to program an user interface to be able to be personalized. I believe this is important to know because it seems like technology is starting to trend towards UGC (user generated content), examples are facebook, twitter, myspace, etc..


1) I might have read this wrong, but they said that they created a program that would auto-generate the layout based on how much the user used the specific button. This could be bad because then the layout would constantly be changing without the user's input in the change.

2) Even though they did what seemed to be a lot of testing on the people they had, they should have tested this on more then four people.

3) The users said that the customizing option was not easy to use and not intuitive.

1. Takuto Yanagida, Hidetoshi Nonaka, and Masahito Kurihara. Personalizing Graphical User Interfaces On Flexible Widget Layout.