Pillows As Adaptive Interfaces


The paper is based on an interactive pillow that can sense the surroundings and be able to adapt to the user depending on what the user is currently doing.


"elaborate (establish target case) -> retrieve (compare with existing cases) -> reuse (adapt the target case) -> revise (identify unspecified knowledge) -> retain (establish new case in the case data base)"


It acts like an all in one, being able to control the lighting situation and possibly turns into a remote for the television if it realizes that that the controller is out of reach for the user.

A pro to this is that when you are sleeping it can tell what kind of state you are in and be able to change the room accordingly. Also, I can not find the article, but I read that you sleep pattern almost looks like a sine graph (which is the reason you can wake up "on the wrong side of the bed"), and a use for the pillow is to wake you up when you hit the peak time to be woken up.

Another pro to this is that this is integrating with all of the surroundings in the environment, and it does it but using an instrument that is already in every household and that everyone is familiar with, so it would not be anything "new" for people to use and possibly be easy to integrate into people's lives.


The sensor on the back of one of the pictures of the pillow looked really big, and was on the outside of the pillow. A con to this is that the pillow might not be able to be used as the most basic function which is to just be a pillow since of all the sensors on it. They would have to find a way to be able to put them into the fabric, or make the sensors as soft as the pillow.

Another con to this is that it says that it changes things according to user interest, so if you decided to turn on the television or something for some background noise, and not really pay attention to it, then it might shut it off, unless it was previously programmed that the user wanted it to do that.

Depending on how durable the sensors are, you probably would not be able to have a pillow fight :-p