Touchscreens Vs Traditional Controllers In Handheld

Touchscreens Vs Traditional Controllers In Handheld [1]


This paper is about the differences in the touchscreen and traditional (physical buttons) controllers in gaming devices such as the Nintendo DS as well as the iPhone. The differences would be the learning curve as well as the performance level.


1) I thought that it was a very good idea to grab a bunch of different levels of users to get an overall feel of which one was better to use, but I think that they should have used more beginner gamers so that they would have obtained better results for the learning curve.

2) It would make sense that the learning curve for the touchscreen device would be much steeper because you would have to keep looking at the screen to make sure that you are hitting the correct button. While with the nintendo ds, you could use muscle memory in remembering what buttons you had to press and when. So the regular buttons cut out one processing step.

3) The problem with virtual buttons as they said takes up to much room on the screen and is limited to the size of the screen. But i believe that even if the screen was bigger and were able to use more virtual buttons, then the same results would happen.


1) They were saying that the touchscreen marketplace for games is much higher then the traditional handheld gaming systems, and they were comparing that the iPhone had somewhere around 21,000 games while the psp had about 600. What I think they should have compared is the game complexity. Because most of the games that are developed for the iPhone are quite trivial compared to the psp games.

2) It did not seem like they had a good method in determining the completion time with the deaths involved. A better solution, in which someone would have to sit over there shoulder and time, would be to stop the time if someone dies, and do not resume the clock until they get back to the spot where they died.

3) They said that they wanted to avoid variables in the game by not letting the user use a feature on the DS that would allow them to roll because the iPhone did not have that capability because it did not have enough buttons. But I think they should have left that in there because then it would show the superiority of a traditional controller because they do not have to fill up the screen with buttons.

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