Usable Gestures for Mobile Interfaces: Evaluating Social Acceptability

Usable Gestures for Mobile Interfaces: Evaluating Social Acceptability [1]


This paper is based on a study that shows what kind of gestures can be used in certain situations. It does a study on what kind of gestures would be socially acceptable as well as the willingness of the user to use such gesture for a mobile device.


1) This study as shown that using gesture controlled devices have a wide range on what is acceptable and what is not. Also, it shows that there are a lot of variables when trying to determine a good and natural gesture for a device.

2) I like the idea of using body based gestures to control the device that you have, but I think that it should be a "natural" as can be type of motion because then people would be more inclined to use it. So like have one gesture to signal it out, then the natural movements to control it, then another gesture to turn it off.

3) It was a good idea to ask the people that were using the mobile gesture devices and to see whether or not it was a socially acceptable movement with different levels of people that they knew and in different places. However, I think they should have taken it one step further and instead of just analyzing the people that were using the device, to also observe the people around them and see their reactions.


1) They said that gesture recognition was limited by the current technology, but it is also limited by the people that the product is being directed towards, because what one natural movement by be for one person may be hard for someone else.

2) The problem with using hand gestures as a type on interface in public is that even if you come up with something that is socially acceptable in one area, in might not work in another area. So if you are not going to sell your product in one country, or just one part of a country, then you would have to test all the different areas to make sure it is socially acceptable.

3) They said that the acceptability is dependent on where the person is and who the person is with. The only way I can see that gesture control devices would work is that if they were able to make it so it did not matter where the person was or who they were with.