HCI Project


This page will be used as a discussion page for our project development.

April 4th Requirements

Video Wall

  • blueray input
  • static content
  • Infocaster demos


  • Android video
  • Voting
  • Selection of-input



voting system for videos to be played on wall

ability to change vote
get current show listings

admin control mode

ability to overwrite what is on video wall
ability to lock out voting for a time period

audio streaming to tune into a certain video on wall

use wifi connection in room
stream over fm

Video Wall

screen saver

display current research projects
high resolution graphic
video to show how to use android app

ability to view multiple video sources

link to BoilerTV
show video from android phone
link to camera that shows everyone in commons

Development Order


create simple GUI
figure out how to stream video
work on voting system
make admin mode
work on being able to receive audio from server for certain video (delay?)

InfoCaster/Video Wall

create simple layout/learn how to create layouts
figure out how to stream videos to wall

  • updates from cnn, weather, espn
  • multiple videos
  • videos from different sources
  • videos from sources that are changing (our server)


create server that can transmit and receive from the androids
create voting system that can update videos/infocast layout if possible

  • after a set time old votes will be disregarded
  • old votes from users streaming audio automatically renewed
  • videos on wall will only change with new votes
  • only accept 1 vote for a video within a certain time from a user
  • if the user changes a vote cancel out the old vote

send audio of certain video to android app