Mobile Design


This article discusses general techniques for designing and testing interfaces on mobile devices. It talks bout different strategies as well as obstacles that are not present in standard desktop applications.



The article did a very good job of systematically discussing difficulties in designing mobile interfaces. Some interesting points were:
-Users use the device differently when walking, sitting, and standing
-Impaired users should be considered. Impaired users can be those who have some disability, an age and development issue, or even a situation where the device is less easily accessible

Testing conditions almost never reflect real world conditions. There is an apparent unique pattern of use for every conceivable situation.
-Questionnaires help to expand understanding to situations that aren't easily observed.


The low-tech testing seemed a little excessive. It seemed to be a very time consuming process for a strategy that severely under represents the actual use of the device. However, I could see the approach being useful if it were used in the development of an entire device rather than a single app among many.