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Discussion on SIGCHI Website

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  1. Includes another term and HCI area: “UX Matters”, for “user experience”.
  2. Facts to know: “SIGCHI is the premier international society for professionals, academics and students who are interested in human-technology & human-computer interaction (HCI).” It is sponsored by ACM.
  3. There are links to educational resources. The “Curricula for Human-Computer Interaction” looks like an interesting basic resource. The “Tutorials To Go” page includes a number of presentations intended for local SIG meetings. It provides a cost structure to bring in professional speakers. Only open to established SIGs (and it costs money!). Amusingly, the link to “Tutorials Available” is broken. (Actually, there are multiple broken links and the page is “under review”, but the tutorials are listed historically near the bottom of the page. The tutorials are old (circa CHI 2000-2002 meetings) so the program appears to be defunct.)
  4. There was significant discussion that the SIGCHI website was not as “eye catching” as one might expect of the premier international HCI organization.
  5. In what ways to children think differently from adults on HCI issues? Would it be helpful to study child interactions to find more “natural” ways to interact (ways that have not been distorted by historical interfaces).
  6. The “webliography” could provide another source of useful publications for the class.
  7. The site references Kinect and Android, both technologies that could be used in the video wall project.
  8. Do we have a paper to submit to the SIGCHI conference? Or, some other venue?
  9. Applications of HCI technology are not limited to mainstream or business users, but also include opportunities to enrich smaller groups, such as educational projects for special needs children.
  10. There may be some interesting HCI opportunities in the medical field, to allow doctors to visualize and “browse” patient information and health in different ways.
  11. Highlights from SIGCHI 2010 contains useful papers.
  12. There are nearby SIGCHI chapters in Michigan, Ohio, and Illinois. Is anyone considering establishing a chapter in Indiana?