tholzer's review of Content Startegy: Methodology and Process

Review of the article Content Strategy: Methodology and Process


A chapter discussing the various location where Digital Signage is used, how each area affects how the digital signage operates, and some of the adavantages to using digital signage

Points of Interest

  • Advertisements need to be full screen to be remembered. Something to think about when offering ad space on the board to corporate sponsors.
  • Video wall is probably a combination of Point of Transit and Point of Waiting
  • Coraline advertisement seems interesting, but they don't go into detail about it.
  • Repetition of the same items too much is noticeable, perhaps we could try not to have content repeat within a 60minute time period
  • The Fitness center provides entertainment for the users through Music videos. Something we haven't really considered
  • digital jukeboxes offer ad space for local businesses (legal Issues if we implement?)
  • Did not know the digital signage term was so commonly used