Tholzer's Review 1/25/2011: Eye Movements

Review of the article The Use of Eye Movements in Human-Computer Interaction Techniques


This article explores using eye tracking to control a computer. The device still uses keyboard and mouse control however it supplements the data gleaned from the eyes to implement controls. The researchers then explored the use of this technology in different applications including Scrolling, selecting, dragging as well as a few other options. The researchers test multiple implementations of many of the prior commands and explore which seemed to work the best.


  • the researchers look at a variety of different input interactions. rather than just focusing on one task or another they chose a multitude of techniques to test.
  • This article was written in 1991, I'm curious what current eye tracking software could do to improve the software and applications of this.
  • There is some really cool processing done to reduce the amount of trash data in their software.


  • It appears that the researchers only used themselves as test subjects. There from what I can tell their were no outside opinions on how others felt the system operated.
  • The researchers bring up alot of points about having to dwell on items and how that often proved inefficient, I wonder how much the different peoples eye movements would affect their system, something that they did not test.
  • The researchers discard the blink option without really testing it, I find it interesting that they feel that staring at something takes more thought than a blink.