Tholzer's Review 1/25/2011: High Resolution Displays

Review of the article Space to think: large high-resolution displays for sensemaking


An article which explores the use of High resolution displays for completion of tasks, The study both compares using high res displays versus non high res displays.


  • It is interesting that the one user who found the IN-SPIRE tool used less of the monitors
  • The displays allow the user to see multiple points of data and scan between them
  • It's interesting how much the documents began to form a virtual version of real life stacks.


  • It seems like the researchers had an idea of what the subjects should be doing to complete the task in the best way using the High res display.
  • There are no ways explored about how to provide better methods of using the displays, and only briefly mentions the one subjects use of IN-SPIRE
  • The test was relatively short, people tend to change how they work over time, This is mentioned in the conclusion, but it seems their basing a lot off of this one study.