Discussion of the Article "Space to Think" - 2/15/11

Discussion of the article Space to think: large high-resolution displays for sensemaking

Discussion points

  • Subjects used the screen as External Memory.
  • There was lack of any tools to further optimize large resolutions
  • The study contained no quantitative data.
  • Is there the possibility of too much data displayed?
  • Many organize documents such as you might on a desk

Class Discussion

  • Sense-making (interesting term)
    • peoples methods of making sense of things
  • Too much information
    • distractions
    • when screens used efficiently, very helpful
    • don't have to think about the information in other papers, they could glance between them
  • didn't try to adjust to different screen formats.
  • mouse movements on large displays
    • Owners of large displays would have tools to optimize use
  • paper notes with the small display versus digital notes on the large screen
  • one subject found the tool, and his use of the screen was reduced