Tholzer's Review 2/8/2011: MobileDesign

Review of the article Lessons from Early Stages Design of Mobile Applications


This article explores current techniques for mobile development and their failings and proposes new methods for development. These methods include paper prototypes of devices, Scenario use analysis and other design techniques.


  • The camera to observer interactions is a good way to test applications. Can show a lot of things that might not show up on queestionares
  • Real time questionnaires also are important. Being able to comment on items as they occur give a much better idea of what is occurring.
  • Scenarios seem to cover quite a few situations. They cover a lot of things people might not think about.


  • Paper feels cluttered, Had difficulty understanding parts
  • With modern development techniques, throwing together a virtual “temporary” GUI should be a quick painless process. The paper prototypes seem a little extreme
  • Paper seemed very opinionated. First section seemed like they intended the old methods to fail.