Tholzer's Review 2/8/2011: Touch Projector

Review of the article Touch Projector: Mobile Interaction through Video


This article explores using mobile devices to control remote displays by recognizing the displays in the mobile devices video screen. The user is then able to manipulate the remote screen(s) using the mobile devices touch screen.


  • Freeze frame is a good idea, I was initially worried about the arm fatigue, but it seems they thought of that
  • Their last thought of completely computer generated objects could be a good idea, It might remove the “natural” feel to the device though
  • The Idea of an auto zoom is good, stopping to have to zoom could really interrupt the flow of a task.


  • Limited bandwidth is discussed however they state a need for both higher resolution images which will take more bandwidth as well
  • Why does the software require the full display to be located within the view. It seems like smarter software should be able to recognize partial displays
  • Automatic zooming seems like ti could get annoying fast. How much did they test when It should zoom and when not?