Tholzer's Review 2/15/2011: Touch Screen Gaming

Review of the article Touchscreens vs. traditional controllers in handheld gaming


This is an article which explores the difference between physical controls and touch screen visualizations of buttons. The researchers used a common game and a common level and tracked the players improvements as they completed four time trials of the level.


  • looked into eliminating the check point time relapse, something that would have a major effect on the results.
  • They found a game available on the IPhone and the DS with similar controls which is what they wanted to test.
  • The fact that people improved more on the IPhone is interesting


  • By the time participants reached device 2, they would have quite a bit of experience with the level meaning they would know when not to die, etc.
  • This is a direct comparison with similar control schemes but many games use alternative methods of control. This is briefly mentioned but not explored.
  • There are no user opinion questions mentioned, How did the users feel?