tholzer's Review of Usable Gestures for Mobile Interfaces

Review of the article: Usable Gestures for Mobile Interfaces: Evaluating Social Acceptability


In this article researchers examine the social acceptability of gestures for interaction with a mobile device. Two studies were conducted to test the acceptability of a set of gestures.


  • Despite the issues with the studies and their leaps to conclusions, the ideas are definitely something that needs to be examining when creating new mobile interfaces.
  • Having the second survey was definitely a good idea since the lab test is all what the users think they will do, where the second observed what they actually did do.


  • They bring up the Bluetooth headset as a example of acceptance of an unusual gesture that is now accepted, but I'm not sure that is the best example. Bluetooth headset are still seen as an annoyance by many and have lost popularity in recent years(other than for use in driving/hands-free situations)
  • The first study used gestures that were very noticeable, and often times long and tedious. The beauty of the mouse is that it allows a lot to be done by simply moving the mouse in an area of no more than a Square foot. The acceptability of these gestures might also have to do with their nature.
  • great survey respondents…. all through college email lists, which shows an astounding variety of participants. </sarcasm>
  • They seem to take quite a few big logical jumps in their favor. For example "It is not the energy required to perform a gesture that makes it acceptable, but the perceived appearance of that gesture."