Tholzer's Review 4/19/2011: Design Principles for Visual Principles

Review of the article Design Principles for Visual Principles


This article explores the creation of design principles for computer generated visual communication. It examines hand drawn "good" examples of items such as bus maps, directions, and tourist map then looks for commonalities amongst them, then proposes principles based off the results.


  • Simplifies the data presented to the user. Computers can hold a lot of data and display it easily, but humans can only comprehend a small amount.
  • The bus schedule is a great example, those linear paths assist in knowing the path alot more than simply printing map with the bus loop layed over it.
  • the article presented some interesting user studies for the effectiveness of the designs


  • You need to be careful not to oversimplify your maps, you can lose quite a bit of meaning and relevance fairly quickly .
  • No actual results data is presented, would be interesting to see some of the numbers.