Touch Projector Mobile Interaction Through Video

Touch Projector: Mobile Interaction through Video [1]


The Touch Projector uses mobile phones like the iphone and android to interact with remote screens that are shown via the projector. The phones have a live image that the user can interact with as if they are interacting directly with the image of the projector.


  1. Allows users to interact via touch with devices that do not already have touch interaction like a projector screen.
  2. Great use of Augmented reality using the built in camera to detect what the phone is looking at on the screen and then effectively removing it with the "touch down" event
  3. Would allow for older hardware to be used with new interaction techniques thus saving a great deal of money


  1. Some gestures will not work with this set up
  2. Manual zoom was ineffective when compared after the testing to the auto zoom technique
1. Sebastian Boring, Dominikus Baur, Andreas Butz, Sean Gustafson, Patrick Baudisch, Touch Projector: Mobile Interaction through Video.