Touchscreens Vs Traditional Controllers In Handheld Ga

Touchscreens vs. Traditional Controllers In Handheld Gaming [1]


This article details a study that compares touchscreen-based phones like the iphone versus traditional methods and analyzed the performance between them.


  1. details the strengths and drawbacks of touch screens as well as possible methods to improve upon them like developing apps with certain size touch buttons since most people use their thumbs and that requires a certain surface area for accurate input.
  2. Included a very detailed explanation of the testing procedure and how they examined the results.
  3. Their conclusion that developers should design games for touch screens instead of using traditional controls that have been adapted for use on a touchscreen seems obvious but should be implemented betting in the future


  1. Results might have been skewed since users are more apt at using traditional controllers
  2. Like some of our other discussions most new HCI tech has to go through a period of a type of learning curve in order for the user to become as acquainted with it as traditional methods so it becomes as useful
  3. The generalization of the results with how complex the tests are is very opinionated
1. Loutfouz Zaman, Daniel Natapov, and Robert J. Teather, Touchscreens vs. Traditional Controllers in Handheld Gaming.