Wall Mounts

Task: Get a wall mount and instructions. Use the measuring guide and display size information to calculate the exact relative placements between the 16 wall mounts. Compare this placement with the existing 9 outlets and conduits on the video wall. Is there a placement of the wall mounts (by centering then shifting the entire wall) that does not intersect the outlets?

Measurements: (L x H x D) (Length x Height x Depth)

Monitor: 40.4" x 22.8" x 5.0"

Wall Mount: 35'' x 20'' x 3''
- Border on top and bottom: 3.75"
- Border on left and right: 2.5"

Outlet(with case): 2.25" x 4.5"
- Distance between outlets on same L axis are 64" apart
- Outlet from the right wall is 30"
- Outlet from the left wall is 31"
- Height from outlet from bottom is 15.25"

- Horizontal(left and right of display): 7.97"
- Vertical(above and below display): 14.75"

Space between racks:
- Horizontal(between two displays left and right of each other): 5.5"
- Vertical(between two displays above and below each other): 3.25"